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Your Bespoke Journey

Come and see our skincare specialist for an in depth, bespoke consultation. We discuss all of the treatment options and advice is given on what would be best specifically to address your concerns. Experience our bespoke 6 step consultation process which ensures a holistic review.  


Include a skincare plan where you can bring in your skincare and leave with more knowledge and a skincare plan to improve your daily routine.

Durham Clinic

Your Journey

Your consultation is held in our private room where you can openly talk to our experienced practitioner who will aim to create a bespoke journey for you specifically ensuring each treatment is delivered in the optimum order for best results. You will have the option to discuss your skincare and create a new routine as well as learn more about the products you are currently using.

Clinic Room

The 6 Step Consult

WBCo Clinic room
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