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Our Background

Kimberley Cattin / RGN / Level 7

Kimberley is our clinic owner, skincare expert and aesthetic practitioner. Before becoming a Registered General Nurse Kim was a professional makeup artist working in TV, Film and Fashion. This gave Kim extensive experience in understanding the products on the market and what and why the best products worked so well. Working with leading actors it also became apparent what was missing from the market. This lead Kim to launch WBCo with the innovative Soap Brows. WBCo's products quickly made it into the hands of the industries top makeup artists and celebrities such as Zendaya, Beyonce and Billy Eilish all loving the products. Fast forward to 2022 and the first WBCo Clinic was opened in Durham with a unique 6 step consultation process like no other. The amalgamation of Kim's experience as well as her training in a level 7 in aesthetics during covid has lead her to become a leading person in the industry to not only take advice from but have treatments safely delivered with the natural results to restore and enhance a confidence.

Book in for a consultation with Kim now to discuss how you can become the most confident version of you. 

Kimberley Cattin



Northumbria University

Kim gained her degree working in areas such as critical care, general surgery and A&E. The experience here taught Kim about patient safety, continued professional development and how to stay calm in a crisis.


Harley Academy

The Level 7 in Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dermatology is one of the most recognised courses, delivered by one of the top training academy's in London. 

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